Frequently Asked Questions

EXP is the reviewer experience. A new reviewer begin with 0 EXP. An old reviewer can have more than 10-20 EXP. 1 successful order on will give 1 EXP point to the reviewer. (Except boost products which give more EXP).

Of course. Since the beginning of October 2016, Amazon denies reviews in exchange of discounted products (USA only at present). Amazon allows sellers to provide discount codes to increase sales. Amazon allows customers to provide feedbacks on products they like. ONLY exchanges of reviews against free products is prohibited. The testers, in Testzon, are no longer required or encouraged to post comments on Amazon. They are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy. is FREE ! It’s the best in the business at finding quality reviewers for your product. In addition to a superstar group of reviewers (All amazon countries), sellers will also find an incredibly easy to use platform. Finding success with your Amazon listing can be difficult with such a competitive field of Amazon sellers. is the easiest way to kick start a successful private label product, with a surge of sales and to maximise chances to get reviews.

Amazon marketplaces. In few month a lot of famous other marketplaces...

No. You can create products for 12 countries with 1 account.

This is done inside of Seller Central and is very easy to do.